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These games were programmed in Python programming language.

For the graphics (Aliens, Collision Detector) games you need to run them on Python 2.7 and download pygame. The other games can be run on python 3.

First download python 2.7+, Pygame and python 3 to your MAC/PC here....

Python 2.7: Python 3: Pygame

Once you have downloaded and installed python, click the link below to game, copy the code and save as a'.py' file in a text editor (ie Notepad for PC or textwrangler for Mac).

Then open with the correct python version. Then open your saved '.py'file, select RUN MODULE from RUN menu.
Its probably easier building your own playstation with a used bag of coal but its worth it in the end :)


Another Tune.

Python 3 Games Python 2.7 Graphic Games
Hangman Alien Dodge
Reversi Collision Olan and Lily
Naughts and Crosses
On Line Games

Black Nova


Word Puzzle
Flying Bat

The Salmon Of Doubt

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